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Children Reading Society is Non Government Organization based in Delhi. Our main objective is to bring happiness and joy in the lives of people of down trodden society. Education is considered as the best tool to bring reforms and change in the society. We believe in spreading education among those poor children who are deprived of education. We provide sound education to the underprivileged children.

Apart from providing elementary education to kids, we also provide education at higher level in the form of technical & professional courses. We establish, run and manage schools with the object of spreading education among the downtrodden society.  Our NGO putting effort to support Poor Children for their Education, Labour, Children Care, Health and Welfare in India.

We also work for women empowerment. We are on a mission of eradicating social evils against women and female children. We believe in eliminating evils like feticide, infanticide, malnutrition, molestation, rape that are endangering the very existence of female children.

We also participate in the community development programmes. Our volunteers are organizing various programs like Income- generation activities promotion and support, Toilets, rubbish pit and drinking water distribution and construction in local schools, Thematic weeks (Hand washing, Toilet promotion, Re-hydration, School cleaning) and celebration in schools. We believe that with our sincere efforts, we will certainly bring the change in the lives of the downtrodden section of the society.

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